Research and Computational Data Management (RCDM) offers resources and support for UGA faculty and student research. Whether you’re a seasoned researcher or just starting out, we’re here to assist you with:

Join us in the Data Studio @ Main for seminars on timely research topics, workshops designed to develop your data science, GIS mapping, and data visualization skills, or for one-on-one data consultations to answer questions about your research projects! 

Our team is ready to help you develop your research data management and sharing plans. 

We also work closely with colleagues in the Office of Research and can help connect you with individuals and teams to develop and submit your research proposal to funders.

RCDM works in close partnership with our IT colleagues at EITS, GACRC, and in academic units. 

During our consultations to develop your research data management and sharing plans, our team members can help connect you to IT service providers based on your research computing and storage needs.

Join us in the Data Studio @ Main for seminars, workshops, and data consultations focused on current and emerging research topics, best practices, and related tools.

We can help you learn about data access, collection, and organization; quantitative and qualitative research methods; as well as GIS mapping and data visualization techniques.

Let us help you with your research visibility! Our team can help you to preserve your curated research data as well as connect you to resources and tools supporting open research and open access publishing, including ORCiD, digital repositories, copyright, and read and publish agreements.

Information about the RCDM team, areas of specialization, and requesting data consultations

Information about upcoming RCDM seminars, workshops, data consultations, and lab resources