Data Studio @ Main


The Data Studio @ Main is a dynamic hub for interdisciplinary research collaboration and learning. This instructional lab provides UGA faculty, staff, and students with a technology-enhanced environment to enhance their research data-related knowledge and skills. 

Join the Research and Computational Data Management (RCDM) team for seminars, workshops, and data consultations focused on current and emerging research topics, best practices, and related tools. We can help you learn about data access, collection, and organization; quantitative and qualitative research methods; as well as GIS mapping and data visualization techniques.



Table of Contents

Upcoming Events

Instructional Use

Research and Computational Data Management (RCDM) welcomes class visits and group reservations from all academic areas and levels for an introduction to RCDM services and hands-on assistance in areas of specialized support such as GIS mapping, data visualization, digital humanities, open access publishing, and research data management planning

Guidelines for Use

Please help us keep our facilities clean, safe, and ready for use by others by following these guidelines:


The Data Studio @ Main is available for reservations Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. when the UGA Main Library is open

Our booking form allows UGA faculty and staff to request reservations a minimum of 4 hours in advance of an event; however, 10 days advanced noticed is encouraged for the following event types:

Scheduling with plenty of advanced notice allows the RCDM team to ensure team member availability to facilitate a requested event or schedule an appointment prior to the event to ensure event organizers familiarize themselves with the instructor podium equipment.

Room Setup/Clean Up

All groups that use the Data Studio @ Main are responsible for room setup and clean up.

Technology Use


The following technologies are available for instructional use when reserving the lab:

All groups that use the Data Studio @ Main are responsible for setup and appropriate use of technology during events as described below:

Prior to the event

We encourage instructors/presenters/event organizers to:

At the conclusion of the event

We ask that event organizers please ensure that:

Computer Equipment and Software

The Data Studio @ Main is outfitted with a standard UGA instructor podium equipped with a touch panel, PC desktop and monitor, laptop connection, mirrored dual screen high resolution monitors for projected content, ceiling speakers, and built-in Zoom capability with room cameras and microphones.

The lab is also equipped  with seven high-end computers (4 Macs, 3 PCs) loaded with specialized software to support your research needs.